Thursday, July 15, 2010

Northeast Party House

Melbourne band Northeast Party House only have a couple of tracks recorded, so it's hard to judge them without having seen them live. That said, those two tracks do make quite an impression.

Dusk is a quiet verse, loud chorus affair, mixing simple drums and keys in the keys with driving synth and 80's style high-pitched guitar in the chorus to good effect (i.e., not sounding like a pastel shirt with pale jacket party jam).

Embezzler on the other hand has more of a dance-punk feel to it, especially with the funk inspired bass. Just as solid as Dusk, the track if nothing else, shows Northeast Party House could be one of the more variety-fuelled bands of the future.

Check out both songs on their Triple J Unearthed page.

Monday, May 3, 2010

We've gotta get kids off the corners

And back into school. Or clubs. Either way, you'll get a decent education to prepare you for life.

The good folks and folkettes at Gameboy/Gamegirl are soon celebrating their 100th show, and would like to celebrate it with as many people as possible. If you're in Melbourne on Friday the 14th of May, you can attend their milestone gig at the Mercat Cross Basement, with plenty of DJ's to add to the fun.

If you can't make it, well firstly, forshame, and secondly, Tranter's remix of their track Go 2 Skool will definitely raise your spirits.

Download: Go 2 Skool (Tranter's Club Dub)

Listen to more at MySpace

And for more event details, click below.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yeah, I've been slack (II).

You know the drill; use and abuse. Foxes rabrabrab.

Bassline heavyweight Kill The Noise returns with his 'Roots' EP. Here's the title offering, on the money with similar deep house feel and glitchy techno beats.

Dwnld: Roots

Holy Ghost! are probably my second favourite dreampopesque group around right now (second only to the gorgeous Aeroplane) and this latest release proves their stepping up their game. 'Static On The Wire' swirls and floats in all the right places, giving the inflated feeling in the pit of my stomach. 

Dwnld: Static On The Wire

Calvin Harris, perhaps the coolest man on the planet right now, is absolutely killing clubs all over the world, STILL! Latest single 'You Used To Hold Me' is touching and banging at the same time, pleasing both the ravers and gayers. Laidback Luke tiptoes in and turns into a trance classic. Love it. 

Dwnld: You Used To Hold Me (Laidback Luke Remix)

Another quality Ed Banger release from the man Mr. Flash. To sum it up in one word, CLASSIC. Tugging at my heartstrings, this track is worthy of praise from everyone in the business. Incredible, just absolutely amazing.

Dwnld: Domino (Part A)

Doofdoofdoofdoofdoofdoof. The most hated man in the dubstep game, Rusko has a new album and a bunch of quality remixers getting on board right now. I don't get the hate, but I'm more open minded than most I suppose. Sub Focus never fails in delivering in the boom, and he goes through the motions here again. Very nice.

Dwnld: Hold On (Feat. Amber Coffman) (Sub Focus Remix)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Yeah, I've been slack.

So anyway, I've been stuck in the real world for the last couple of weeks and forgot to get on it, so here's a big fuck off post of tracks you should just download because I'm telling you to. Have a gorgeous weekend and make sure to drop a few of these.

Love prog-rock, high-register vocals and swimming in pools of fuzzed-out guitar? Tame Impala's new single, lifted from 'InnerSpeaker' out May 21st, is everything you're after.

Dwnld: Solitude Is Bliss

Miami Horror is smashing box wherever they travel. Luckily they keep hitting winners with newie 'Moon Theory' following in the same vein as 'Sometimes'. The lads are hitting RAdelaide next month with The Touch and Transmission DJ's in tow, make sure to get on it hard.

Dwnld: Moon Theory

I bum anything Sweat It Out release really, so when I heard Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP we're teaming up I basically made plans to ovulate around that period. Finally I can post my absolute favourite track of the year, that being 'We No Speak Americano', full of african hous-ey style vocals and regular DCUP-brilliance b-b-beats. I actually can not sit still through this track, it's incredible. Check it.

Dwnld: We No Speak Americano

A couple of Phonat tracks now of his latest 'Love Hits The Fan' EP. The title track is packed into a space-age mess of futuristic vocals and the oh-so-cool dreamwave/synth-pop technicalities that everyone seems to be jumping on top of right now. It's lush, synthetic fun, perfection wrapped in 4 minutes.

Dwnld: Love Hits The Fan

As a cheeky bonus, here's the Bestrack remix, more banger than the original, still contains the stream of chill that flows through. Get on this, very, very cool.

Dwnld: Love Hits The Fan (Bestrack Remix)

Check in tomorrow when Part II is posted. Lovelove.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It could be a good week

Friday's coming (it occurs at least once a month), and with it comes five releases in Australia which have me excited. In no particular order, other than alphabetical

The Fall - Your Future, Our Clutter

For the uninitiated, The Fall has been going around for over 30 years now. More accurately, Mark E. Smith has been going around for 30 years, others have come and left. You may know him for supplying the vocals for the Gorillaz track Glitter Freeze, or you may know him for his almost always loud, slurred delivery of lyrics. Lyrics which are always eccentric, and often make sense of madness.

I cannot possibly describe the sound without simply reinterpreting John Peel's quote of how "They are always different, they are always the same". Put simply, the subtle changes in their style has kept them from being just another post-punk fare, and made them a joy to follow, or to try and follow if you're younger. Here's something from the overlooked 2008 release, Imperial Wax Solvent.

The Fall - Wolf Kidult Man

The Golden Filter - Voluspa

From what I've heard of The Golden Filter, I can see them going down two paths. One is becoming one of the better new electro acts. The other is for them to be just another synths and female vocals act. Maybe I haven't heard enough and there's more to it. No matter what, there is promise, hopefully Voluspa does offer something different to 2009's electro assortment.

Kate Nash - My Best Friend is You

2007's Made of Bricks had some terrific moments. Songs like Foundations and Mariella were exciting, humourous and quite refreshing. Unfortunately, and with the exception of We Get Along, it fell flat when the tempo slowed down, sincerity lead to almost painful lyrics and it became quite dull.

My Best Friend is You keeps the good pieces of Made of Bricks, and takes a few from others. The screaming vocals and screaming guitars make I Just Love You More sound like a missing Yeah Yeah Yeah's track, while the first half of Mansion Song is like listening to a modern, female John Cooper Clarke. Still, rest keep the pop-jingle style that make Kate Nash a joy to listen to.

We Have Band - WHB

Debut album from this impressive 3 piece band from the UK. Electro mixed with funk based post-punk, occasionally straying into dance-punk, resulting in only the occasional bland spot. Whether or not this dynamic stays the same with a full album of material is yet to be seen. There is always the possibility of the slower song or two electronic acts seem to be obliged to do nowadays, few of which interesting. Hopefully that temptation has either been arrested, or succumbed to with good results.

We Have Band - Time After Time

The other Australian release that has me excited is the debut album from Parades, titled Foreign Tapes. Alas, I haven't heard so much as a note of their music, so can't really preview this album. According to the JB Hi-Fi website, their style is art-rock, and they contain Jonathan Boulet, so it seems worth taking a punt on it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jimmy Hawk/$5 extra

I feel kinda guilty for leaving Jimmy Hawk out of my previous post. Another splendid artist in Melbourne's independent scene, his debut album Echo Park is full of wonderful melodies which blur the line that separates folk from alt-country. The perfect cure for a dreary Sunday afternoon, hungover or not.

Jimmy Hawk - Want Her Today

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Open Up Your Mind.

Midnight Juggernauts, perhaps Australia's finest electronic exports, are back with new album 'The Crystal Mix' in the not too distant future. Over here at the 1'' lab we're bursting with excitement at the prospect of a huge twenty10 for these boys. We are slightly biased in saying this though, considering how bad a fanboys we are, hell, I still fantasise about their gig last year in RAdelaide (I admire the set-list in my pool room often).

'Vital Signs' is the second single from the yet-to-be-released record, and it's a journey through time and space that you never want to get off of. Swirling and whirling as the 5 minute epic peaks and troughs through various stages, the chorus attacks the heart and inflates the spirit, proving the Juggers have hits just waiting to be shared with the world. 

Dwnld: Vital Signs 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I figure the best way to introduce myself would be to offer a summary on the year so far. That way you can see what I might have to offer.

While I'll try to avoid hyperbole, and even though it's only April, this is potentially the best year music's had to offer in a long time. Since I've been alive, certainly. So, this is my top ten from January to March, according to Australian release dates.

1. Beach House - Teen Dream

Not simply great, but rather beautiful. Its luscious tones are well complemented by the lyrics discuss themes of closeness and longing so delicately it will stop all your thinking, and leave you dreaming. Utterly stunning, the first classic of the decade.

Track of the album - 10 Mile Stereo

2. Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Rush to Relax

Their self-titled debut and follow-up, Primary Colours, were both examples of the best modern garage punk around, so good, they need not move on with their third album if the quality stayed the same. Rush to Relax is effectively garage post-punk. It's not all that far removed from the sound of the first two albums, but the differences are noticeable and as a result, the quality has improved.

Track of the album - Anxiety

3. Gorillaz - Plastic Beach

Whenever a new Gorillaz album is released, it's all about who's on the guest list. The list is strong, but the music is stronger, and that's what makes the album. Arabic touches in White Flag, suitably sweet pop on Superfast Jellyfish and glorious synth on Empire Ants, I'd like to say it never gets boring, but the last four or five tracks can drag on a bit. Fortunately, it's saved by the goldmine that are the first 11 tracks.

Track of the album - Empire Ants

4. Groove Armada - Black Light

On the other hand, here's an album with a guest list who make the album. Black Light's sound is great, but even more impressive are the vocal stylings, which always suit the feelings created by the music.

Nick Littlemore goes from timid and desperate in Fall Silent to bold in Warsaw, in a way that treads the line between passionate and annoying. Thankfully, it falls on the side of the former. SaintSaviour's performance on I Won't Kneel is wonderful, slowly gaining confidence in her voice throughout the song, while Bryan Ferry's lamenting vocals on Shameless are almost as good.

The band that started with a sound that seemingly had Ministry of Sound wanting every song for their chillout compilations, now have this sound so vibrant, and all without losing any of the quality.

Track of the album - Warsaw

5. Lightspeed Champion - Life is Sweet! Nice to Meet You

With a couple of albums (Album in a Day 2 and House Sitting Songs) roughly and swiftly recorded and released for free since the debut Falling Off the Lavender Bridge, this wasn't an album I was desperate to hear. I was looking forward to it, sure, but I hardly had a chance to miss Dev. This won't be the case again.

Life is Sweet! Nice to Meet You is familiar, but it shows what he's capable of with professional recording tools, and and other artists to help out. It's never quite folk, nor pop or rock, but a wonderful blend with the occasional orchestral sound to help out. Unfortunately, the interludes are annoying enough to drag this album down a tad.

Track of the album - Sweetheart

6. Spoon - Transference

Transference possibly the most consistent album of the year so far. There's not one bad song on it. However, with the exception of Got Nuffin, there are no standouts, which stops me from rating this any higher. Still, Spoon's familiar sound of typical American-indie rock with dash of acoustic guitar, and Britt Daniel's relatable and occasionally humourous lyrics is something to be enjoyed.

Track of the album - Got Nuffin

7. Holly Miranda - The Magician's Private Library

To describe this album as magical would be overstating it more than a little, not to mention groan inducing, but at times you will feel swept away. The albums opener, Forest Green, Oh Forest Green, has a chorus which sounds nothing more than a nice little jingle. However the rest hints at what the album contains.

The grand and relaxing music is complemented by Holly Miranda's soulful, and at times breathy vocals. It does get a bit stale towards the end, but the first half of the album is more than good enough to make this a worthwhile listen.

Track of the album - Waves or Slow Burn Treason.

8. Vampire Weekend - Contra

The entire album can perhaps be summed up with one song - Diplomat's Son. Shades of the debut album, bursting with excitement (Horchata, Cousins), let down by the slow breaks (Taxi Cab, I Think Ur a Contra). In fairness, I Think Ur a Contra does make a good ending, but what really makes this album are amazing melodies produced from Rostam Batmanglij's keyboard.

Track of the album - Giving up the Gun

9. These New Puritans - Hidden

Once again, another band doing well in fusing the sound from their first album, with some different influences for the second. Hidden is once again a mix of post-punk and electronic music, but with a bigger drum beat and horn sections, which initially border on grating before colliding to make something worthwhile.

Track of the album - Attack Music

10. Love Connection - Love Connection

The strength of this album should be determined by the recording quality. It isn't great, which is forgivable for any other independent release, but when you still manage to make enchanting dream-pop music, it's praiseworthy. Maybe it could've been a bit longer, and opener I Know You're Real, while good by itself, meanders along when compared to the rest of the album.

A great effort, beyond promising, definitely worth purchasing.

Track of the album - Lost City of Gold

Releases from Dr. Dog and MGMT out tomorrow, Dum Dum Girls earlier in the week, and The Fall, Tame Impala, Midnight Juggernauts within the next two months look like continuing the trend. With more to be confirmed, who knows how well it could end.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

There's A Science To Edit.

WOW. I fooking love Loot & Plunder DJ's. They have absolutely destroyed The Temper Trap's hit 'Science Of Fear', mashed it up with a track I ashamedly don't know, and snipped it up into a cheeky little edit. RAdelaide are doing huge things. 

I'm Giving You A Nightcall.

It's been too long 1''rs, been caught with the school and the liek, still that's no excuse! Coming over the next couple of days will be huge amounts of posts including the best new music on the Internet. 

We've got the lush Breakbot remix of Kavinsky's 'Nightcall', featuring the gorgeous vocals supplied by CSS' own Lovefoxxx. This track sweeps and falls in all the right places, reminding us why Breakbot is one of the best of the game. Get on it. X

Friday, March 5, 2010

We Want War.

Strap yrselves in 1''rs, this is a whimsical journey of grime proportions, added with a touch of 808 sauce and you have on helluva' part-ey. Remixing yr own track seems to be the fashion, and Pocket 808 do no wrong in, and I'm about to coin a new term that'sa sweep the electronic world, pocketing the original. That is, taking a grime tune with a bit of the bleeps about it, and hooking up a 8 minute progressive house stomper. Love it. X

Music etc.

Track Team are the latest in a line of super-dooper dubstep producers littering our streets with their filthy breaks and dirty bass. SA boys Tom & Nick (regulars of the Bananas @ Rocket scheme) sent over a sneaky little redub of Animal by Miike Snow, a favourite by all in twenty9. Charming the pants off the melody and adding a whorish drop here, Track Team are to be watched for. X

I'm The Fury In Yr Head.

Wowowow. Nothing has touched this all year. Just when you think one band has claimed the early title, Foals destroy everything and deliver a masterpiece of angly guitars and haunting vocals to leave everyone with that knowing they've heard something magical.

Dwnld: Spanish Sahara

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dirtee Love.

The Brit's you say? Cheesy scripts, polite backslapping and the usual thanks to Simon Cowell? Ohrly? Well, I'm not watching. Wait. A collaboration? A mash-up of sorts? Dizzee & Florence? Count me in.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


With all the Ellie Goulding on the 1'' right now you'd think I had some sort of stalker tendencies towards the English lass. Perhaps I do. I do want to be the little spoon while we lay in bed and she sings sweetsweetlullabies to me...  

Why all the hype? Well, apart from stellar remixes of late, her debut album 'Lights' leaked yesterday, and it's full of gorgeous electropop melodies and sweet harmonies. In particular 'The Writer', which has the sweetest refrain in pop music, "Why don't you be the artist, and make me out of clay? Why don't you be the writer, and decide the words I say?" is an emotion-sickening, heart-melting tune of twenty10. Need I say more?

Dwnld: The Writer

And just because I'm a lovely person, have this amazing cover of The Temper Trap's 'Sweet Disposition' she did for the Brits. MWAH. X

Dwnld: Sweet Disposition (The Temper Trap Cover)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bang Gang Fun.

I have a Bang Gang 12 Inches fetish, so when ever there's a new release via the Bangers I must have it. Latest in the long line of perfection is Hystereo's 'Cityspeak', that is an absolute monster of a track. Highlight of the release for certain is the Arveene & Misk remix of said track, turning a monster into an absolute horrific mess of destruction. Expect blood. X

It's incredible how one label can continue to get things so right. I (hart) the Bang Gang.

On A Saturday Night.

Van She-gone-solo-Modular-playboy Matt Van Schie is hitting all the right notes with his debut EP 'Balmy Nights', out now on iTunes. Lead track 'Saturday Night' is a must-play every Saturday by DJ's, the underground 'I Gotta' Feelin' if you will, but it's the tragic 'Two Love' that tickled my fancy, being a hopeless romantic afterall. Get on it. X

Dwnld: Two Love

Sex With Yr DAdelaide On The Scene.

South Australia's never been known for it's musical exports, nor it's originality or, in fact, it's never been known for anything positive. Until now that is, with the creative kids shirking from the hip hop bullies and expressing themselves.

The Swiss are a band on everyone's lips, after playing the Big Days Out and Laneway Festivals all over Australia, they dropped their 'Bubble Bath' EP a couple weeks ago and it's been destroying dancefloors. Bringing disco back to the clubs, the Knightlife remix of 'Bubble Bath' is utterly incredible, with loads of laidback beats and improvised synths, with the added cowbell, brings a joy to my heart.

Dwnld: Bubble Bath (Knightlife Remix)

The Shiny Brights are a personal favourite of mine, being the first act I ever seen live (in support of The Wombats), and have stuck in my mind ever since. Their debut EP was full of upstart indie pop, and their latest track, courtesy of the jjj Unearthed website, continues with the frenetic pace and shouty-shout vocals, 'Not Too Old'

Dwnld: Not Too Old

Electro-fused-indie-rock-twats The Touch are another amazing live act, who I've seen multiple times but can never seem to get my hands on any of their tracks. Everyone's favourite EC DJ's Loot & Plunder have done up their new track 'Shot' to great effect, adding to the already sharp beats and yelly-yell vocals, L&P dress down with their lovely synth work and ear for a break.

Dwnld: Shot (Loot & Plunder Remix)

New kids to the Adelaide scene, or new to me anyway, perhaps I've been a little slow on the uptake, are jjj Laneway Unearthed winners The Salvadors. Akin to The Holidays, Salvadors cling to their rocky/bluesy type tone and deliver a kicker in 'Atacama Disco'. Get on it. X

Dwnld: Atacama Disco

So We Burst Into Colours.

I'm loving the dreamwave/pop shazam business that's in the scene, and right now I can't think of anyone doing it better than than the Monarchy boys. Hitting it with Gold In The Fire, followed up by some stellar remixes (including this one of Ellie Goulding's 'Starry Eyed') and the hype that surrounds them at the moment, don't be suprised if they aren't on everyone's lips come the Winter chill. 

Let's not forget the lovely Ellie Goulding either, who is utterly delectable on 'Starry Eyed', which will probably be the new 1901 and get remixed by absolutely everyone on the Internet. 

Dwnld: Starry Eyed (Monarchy 'The Horse Head Nebular' Remix)

And for good measure, have a bit of swirl in yr life with the Monsieur Adi remix.

Dwnld: Starry Eyed (Monsieur Adi Remix)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Good & The Bad.

I despise David Guetta, but I’d give my left testicle to be Kid Cudi. Don’t get me wrong, that Guetta lad’s done some good stuff in the charts lately, but it doesn’t do it for me. So, to my absolute shock horror, I seen he hooked up with the oh-so-trendy Kid Cudi, and they produced a club-smashing, floor-filling, romper-stomper of a tune.

Dwnld: Memories (Feat. Kid Cudi)

Yeah, I Forgot...

Yep, I totally forgot about my committments to the cause of bringing this shitely run blog to the people who follow it religiously, which is about 0 of you at this stage. However, this is all about to change when I mention the improvements I've made:

1.) It's wittier than ever.
2.) New colours!
3.) Uploads to MediaFire instead of the headfook that is RapidShare.
4.) I'm going to be giving you everything I find, not just the golden wasteland that is Australian music, so be prepared for the best things that tickle my fancy.

However, for now be content with the shite design and the somewhat obnoxious ramblings of myself. Anyways, here's a golden track from Art Vs Science. I love the French language, and to hear a bunch of Aussie lads shout to me over loud crashing noises makes me happy.

Dwnld: Parlez Vous Francais? 

I would like to point out, I draft this about four months ago, but thought it was too good to delete whilst cleaning up. As well, I'm seeing Art Vs Science next week, and I absolutely adore them.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ping Pong's Shite.

If you had a world-wide smash with a song about the art of table tennis, tour with some of the world's biggest acts, play festivals all over the globe, lose a member to the pornography business, allow the fit one in yr group go from blonde to black and above all, have the world on yr shoulders to produce a stellar second-album, how would you react? That's right, you'd kill all expectations and throw out 'Logic', a more mature, polished sound to let everyone know yr not just that band that wrote a song about ping pong. Get on it. X

Dwnld: Logic

I'm Obsessed...

"... with the mess that's America-ah-ahhh." And the lovely Marina of course, the 'it' girl of twenty10. Ride the Diamonds train and get on Hollywood, her latest NME Chart Topping success. 

Dwnld: Hollywood

Also, an extra incentive, The Juan MacLean destroy the pop and implement the house with their lush remix.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Slight Return.

"Another single you say? Half the album been's released you think? Well, they've definitely sold out." Get to fook haters, EotS are making sure people are still considering them for their best of lists two years after the initial release of Walking On A Dream with this stunning re-record of Half Mast.

Following suite from the heartbreaking new version of Without You, Luke sharpens the production and adds some flavour to give Half Mast (Slight Return) a serious kick in the clubs. Taking away from the nostalgic, belearic feel, EotS destroys the original with a stunning break at 1:50 and prove their dominance in the Australian electronic scene.

With a headlining act at Future Music coming up, as well as a new EotS, PNAU, Sleepy Jackson and a solo record from Luke, the duo will be off their feet in 2010 to maintain their stay at the top of the pile.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Miami Whore-or.

Miami Horror can do wrong at the moment. Their first EP Bravado went bananas in the electronic world, and now a delightful follow up with Sometimes has generated huge anticipation for the debut album, dropping sometime in Twenty10.

Recently, I found a new release of the Sometimes EP (having already been released last year), dubbed Sometimes Remixed, featuring a huge mix from Sydney's own Hook 'n Sling. H'n'S strip back the vocals, add their own blips here and swirly, disco-tinged pop beats there and result with the best remix I've heard this year.

Make sure to pick up the original Sometimes EP with lovely remixes courtesy of G.L.O.V.E.S. and Fred Falke, as well as getting on the new Ministry Of Sound: Clubbers Guide to 2010 which features a Hook 'n' Sling disc in amongst it. Get on it. X

Thursday, January 7, 2010

This is the moment.

And as the dust settles from a soon forgotten decade, Twenty10 rises from the ashes, promising so much, the price fatal if it cannot deliver. With so much expectation, can we really pin our hopes on the fresh sounds of RAdelaide duo 'Get Stellar' on the oh so cool 'Hindley Records' label (I love it when my hometown throws up things liek this).

Honestly, probably not, but by fook is their EP a killer. Already with huge remixes from 'G.L.O.V.E.S.' and fellow RAdelaide boys 'Def Starr', 'The Moment' induces that swirly, disco-tinged feelings of optimism that this could be your year.

However, it's the b-side that steals the show on this release. 'Believe' smacks you in the face with sounds from the skies, mixing it with pornobeats that can only be made with experience. Buy this from you local iTunes retailer. Get on it.

Dwnld: Believe

The 1'' is back! REJOICE. X 

Friday, December 4, 2009

1, 2, 3, mothaaafuckahhhhhhhhhh!

Could you ask for anything more to start your weekend than the new Bloody Beetroots track with Steve Aoki and Boberman (Bob Rifo)? It's another installment in the 'Warp' series, this one being dubbed 'Warp 1977'. It contains all the usual Warp samples and repeated "I just warp, I just warp," as well as the shouted counting we've come to love from the Warp's. However, this one is darker, scarier, something you'd hear at 3 in the morning walking through Elizabeth South.

Fuck me writing anymore tbh, im'a just get the track up. Get on it MOTHAAAFUCKAHHHHHHHHHH! X

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

La Roux 2do RAdelaide.

Yes, you heard right, the fiery red head herself is back down under to perform at the Thebby Theatre and various other realms throughout Australia sometime next year (information below). Part of her reasoning in returning to Adelaide (I mean, liek fuck, nobody comes to Adelaide more than once every four years) is surely to make right her now infamous AWOL appearance at Parklife earlier this year due to *COUGHillnessCOUGH*.

Her debut, self-titled album has been met with world-wide acclaim, with singles In For The Kill, Quicksand and most prominently Bulletproof killing it throughout the globe. Finally, the people of RAdelaide will have a chance to see the English lass doing her thang.

What have we got to offer apart from boring bollocks about how much I fancy the English accent? Well, here we have an outstanding remix of my favourite track from her album  'Colourless Colour', getting the work done by The Subs. Get on it. X

Dwnld: Colourless Colour (The Subs Popup Mix)

And I know this has been blogged to bits, but the Alex Metric mix of Quicksand is a joy to listen.

Dwnld: Quicksand (Alex Metric Remix)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pocket rocket.

Don't you love waking up to surprises? I'm not talking about that time I rolled over to find a dead prostitute beside me, but this morning when I seen the lovely Pocket 808 had left me a cheeky bootleg of the whimsical 'My Girls'. The original is so perfect in almost everyway any touch up could end in disaster, but Pocket 808 turn this brief moment of ecstasy into a journey of delirious proportions. Basically, made the sex even sexier.

This 8 minute stomper retains all the best elements of 'My Girls', however slowing the tempo and adding the fast becoming trademark sounds of the Pocket, resulting in (L). X

Wait about 4 minutes for the chorus to kick, it' epic.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Exams. FML.

So, whilst I've been busily studying for exams and attempting to pass year 11 (quite well, I'd like to add), I've managed to neglect music through this 'stressful' period. Hence, the big fuck off post of huge tunes, each one better then the last. Get on it. X

PS. The picture, in case you didn't get it, Peter's prostate exam. Geddit? Ah, get to fuck. Just enjoy the music.

Dwnld: Bag Raiders - All The Girls (Feat. Donnis)
Dwnld: Children Collide - Skeleton Dance (Ladytron Remix)
Dwnld: MONARCHY - Gold In The Fire (Diamond Cut Remix)

More to come, keep tuned!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I wish it could last forever.

Now, I don't usually jump on the Ministry Of Sound train too often, but when they've got an artist as talented as Sam La More here it's hard to resist. He's done work for Empire Of The Sun previous, remixing a couple of their tracks to good effect, but his new EP (with Hook 'n' Sling Dub and Vocal remixes on it I should add) has absolutely knocked me about. 'I Wish It Could Last' is a swirling, electronic journey that takes you from the bottom of your heart to the edges of your mind, before collapsing into perhaps the sweetest refrain of 2009. If you've just got out of  relationship, Sam La More knows how you're feeling. Get on it. X

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Here comes the disco!

And by fuck does the disco come! This Disco Villains remix of Violca I stumbled across hits you in the face harder than Vinnie Jones, but at the same time is perhaps the lushest thing I've heard all year. The drop at about two minutes is simply devine, and when you think you've missed it, the "REPEAT" lets you enjoy it all over again. Absolute magic, get on it. X

Dwnld: Empire (The Disco Villains Remix)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I saw your sister in the Cornerstone.

Moving away from the recent electronic posts, the delectable new single from indie rock legends 'Arctic Monkeys' is due to be released, with three gorgeous b-sides on the 10''. The single 'Cornerstone', is a piece of rock wizadry, weaving Alex's tantalising vocals in out of melodic grooves and proper-English-attitude. Today however, as good as the single is, I want to share 'Catapult', one of the gorgeous b-sides previously mentioned. I won't dare describe it, just listen, love and wonder why on Earth it wasn't on the record. X

Also, be sure to get on the video for 'Cornerstone', featuring Alex above in a lush red sweater.

Dwnld: Catapult

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ellie Goulding & Jakwob at it again.

Do I have an exclusive for you, or waht?! Here is the brand spanking new remix of Ellie Goulding's first single proper 'Under The Sheets', been given the dub-dub treatment of the spectacular Jakwob. Like Starry Eyed, which you can find all ovre the .com, Jakwob whisks in and turns a masterpiece into a piece of genius. The swirling in my stomach whilst listening is enough to warrant a download methinks. Get on it. X

Dwnld: Under The Sheets (Jakwob Remix) *256* 

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yr Ghostship.

Following on from Stoney Roads' own post on this new Australian electronic act, Pocket 808 have burst on to the scene with the help of Nathan Hudson (Faker's own, just to band drop) and have hit it hard on Triple J and the like. Blips and blops all over the place, whilst being strung together with Hudson's vocals makes it for a lovely summer hit. For the fear of re-posting the original (follow the link to Stoney Roads and a couple of other remixes), I present to you the Jump Jump Dance Dance remix, which fucks it right up, but in a good way. Get on it.

Edit: The link is now a 128 by request, so for those who were lucky enough to get initial 320, well played, and you best be buying the full EP though iTunes. X

Ke$ha is shite.

Don't get me wrong, I like the whole electro-pop-autotune to fuck business, but not when it's such a blatant rip off of Ed Banger bbz Uffie. (L) However, as much as I detest Tik Tok, when I saw the legendary Fred Falke had dropped a mix I had to listen, and oh was I in love. The 6-minute club remix is worth buying the EP or whatever release Tik Tok relies upon, but for now the public can enjoy the radio edit. Get on it.

Dwnld: Tik Tok (Fred Falke Remix)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Talk Like This.

No, The Presets are not splitting up, but even if they did happen to, we have unearthed one of Australia's most unique and exciting dance God in Kim Moyes, or KIM as he's known by. His solo debut, Selected Jerks 2001-2009, is an electronic masterpiece, full of bleeps, blops and a shitload of crazy beats. There are so many from his record I could share with you, which I should add everyone will purchase, but this track in particular made my skin crawl with absolute satisfaction. Could this be the record of 2009?

Dwnld: Wet 'N Wild

Saturday, October 31, 2009

We're back, with nu-Van She!

I can't think of a better way to welcome back your nu-favourite blog, with a name change I might add, then me presenting the world with a radio rip (not exclusive I should add, I nicked it from nightmagnets) of the nu-Van She! It gives me goosebumps, liek, srsly.

And to keep adding the pleasure, why not have a little Matt Van Schie as well.

Dwnld: Don't Fear (The Reaper)
Dwnld: Saturday Night

Friday, April 10, 2009


No longer a blogging virgin, and what better way to begin but with 80's hair-metal revival lads The Galvatrons. Their legendary new single 'Cassandra' is just waiting to be hyped to fuck by all in the industry. I expect massive, massive, like fuck off massive things for their upcoming debut 'Laser Graffiti'.
Dwnld: Cassandra